The second kiddo’s imminent arrival is a mere three months away. We are in the process of clearing out the study so that we can move Lamia in there and leave the smaller, closer room for the n00b.

I find I am feeling a little guilty at the uprooting that Lamia is going to go through. She has been so much the center, the focus, of our lives for the past 21 months. She comes before all else, and she knows it. The kid chucks a tantrum if she brings me a book to read to her and I tell her I will do it in 2 minutes. How on earth is this little girl, who has been so doted on, going to handle being second fiddle to a tiny baby? The baby who has uprooted her from her bedroom, will be wearing her old socks and playing with her old toys. The baby who is going to bring Lamia’s out-of-house activities to a screaming halt for awhile.

I cannot help but regret them being so close in age. It was not something we planned that way. When it comes to unplanned pregnancy, we rule. But I wish Lamia was just a little older so she would be able to understand what was going on. So that she would be excited about being a big sister, and about having a whole new room, her own little space which will actually fit some of her toys. And maybe we could paint it the color of her choice.

Of course, then I feel guilty for focusing on Lamia and barely even considering the n00b, and it occurs to me how kids end up with middle child syndrome…


3 Responses to “Guilt”

  1. congrats again on the soon to arrive newest addition to your family. i was a middle child (of four..figure that out) and I understand. technically lamia is both your first and middle child. my son fines it very confusing to be my second born but our first parented. talk about making birth order even more confusing!

    best wishes for a speedy delivery and happy healthy mom and baby.

  2. You may actually come to like the closeness in their ages. Having two children spread two far apart makes it difficult in other area. I hope she handles the new baby okay and good luck with all the changes.

  3. How did I completely miss this news (until I did some back reading that is.) Very best wishes for the whole family, born and unborn.

    In some ways it will be easier on Lamia to have the sib arrive so close — less time in the “only child” seat. Let me tell you that at 5 they are perched squarely in the throne, and it would be quite a fall to get knocked down from there by a new addition.

    I’m so happy for you Brad.

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