Remember that thing I said that time?

About how there were momentous events in my life of which two years sobriety was the least? Well now I can talk about the other one.

We are having a baby

Lamia gets to be a big sister!

Let’s not talk about my below average photography skills.

In other news, we are in the process of making a date to visit with Sprog’s family. We figure best get it done before we have a new baby, else it will never happen.


9 Responses to “Remember that thing I said that time?”

  1. Wow. Congrats dad on #3!!!

    Best to you and your family. Enjoy your visit with your son.

  2. Congrats on your new baby! Make sure to post ultrasound pics when you guys get to that point :).

  3. Congratulations Brad!!! It’s really great to read that life is going so well. I’m wishing L a safe and healthy pregnancy. ~C

  4. Whoa…. didn’t see that coming. CONGRATS!

  5. Yeah, we did not see it coming either Nicole.

    Thanks everyone for the gratz.

  6. Congrats to all. I’m very glad to hear you’re going to visit Sprog & family as well. Good news all around. 🙂

  7. Oh, Brad! Congrats to everyone!

    I’m so very excited for you all. 😀

  8. Christine Says:


  9. Congratulations!

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