Never mind

I decided against posting my response to Nicole’s link to an article on feminism and adoption. Some things are best left unsaid when it is essentially just another scream into the abyss.

I will still say I am thankful for adoption. Reform is necessary, and way too many birth parents get screwed by the current system. Especially fathers. But for my family, adoption was a good thing. Is a good thing.

Pass the kool-aid.


2 Responses to “Never mind”

  1. Same here. Was/is a good thing for my family as well. I feel horrible for the people who felt they were pressured into it and reform is necessary. But still, for me, I’m glad the system was there and that I was able to choose her adoptive parents rather than having to let her go to some stranger through the foster system. That is definitely not better.

    Ah well, I’ll never be in the popular crowd ;).

  2. I actually was looking forward to your response. Dissenting opinions are allowed, after all. 🙂

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