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Never mind

Posted in Adoption on November 28, 2008 by Brad

I decided against posting my response to Nicole’s link to an article on feminism and adoption. Some things are best left unsaid when it is essentially just another scream into the abyss.

I will still say I am thankful for adoption. Reform is necessary, and way too many birth parents get screwed by the current system. Especially fathers. But for my family, adoption was a good thing. Is a good thing.

Pass the kool-aid.


Today we made history

Posted in Politics on November 5, 2008 by Brad

Just a few minutes ago, I sat with my daughter on my lap, tears streaming down my face as we watched President Obama give his victory speech. A beautiful, gracious, inclusive speech.

My son was born in 2000, my daughter in 2007. All either of them have known is a nation suffering under George W Bush. I have hope for tomorrow. Hope that my children will now be able to grow up in an America we can be proud of.

Mama, I am skeered!

Posted in Politics on November 3, 2008 by Brad

I am scared witless that, despite lip service and assurances, when it comes time to put the proverbial pen to paper people’s inner racist will dig its claws in.

I do not consider myself a racist, but I will not deny that there are certain remnants deep inside. I am a product of my environment after all, and my childhood was spent in a small town in the deep South. My parents will be voting for McCain, I can guarantee that (although they would be regardless of the color of his opponent’s skin).

My fear is that people will balk at the last moment, that they will decide that the guy who looks reassuringly like their grampa is a better choice.

Vote Obama. Please.

Even though Hussein is a really unfortunate middle name in these dark times.