We just finished decorating my daughter’s room. Yes, she did turn 1 last month. Yes, it did take that long to get all the furniture. We bought it on eBay. Her room looks amazing now. A real little girl room. It finally looks homely and inviting instead of just a place for her to rest her weary head.

Like so many things, I put off decorating her room. I made excuses in my own mind – she was only a baby, she did not need anything fancy. Her room looked just fine with cardboard boxes instead of a table, she would never notice that it was not pretty. Thing is, I noticed. Every time I walked in there I felt just a little guilty that I had not at least covered the boxes with cute paper or something. My wife also is a champion procrastinator, and turns out she felt exactly the same way. We have both made a habit of leaving things until the last minute. Taxes. Cleaning. Yard work. You know, all the not-fun stuff. And yet when we finally get around to doing those things, especially to beautifying our surroundings, it feels so good. I always wonder why we never did it earlier. But then the next time something needs done, back we go to the procrastination.

So this is my pledge. No more procrastination. Every day, I will do at least one thing that I desperately want to put off. One thing to enrich my family’s life. Because my daughter deserves to have nice things, even if she is too young to truly appreciate it.


One Response to “Procrastination”

  1. I’m with you on that. E is 4-1/2 and he still has brown postal paper on one of his windows (it is a diamond-shaped window, so it means I have to custom sew something … yea right.)

    It was only this year that we bought him a real bed rather than a toddler mattress on the floor. My mother thought it was child abuse.

    Now his room is complete (except for that window thing) and I stained each drawer of his pine dresser and platform bed alternating colors of blue and green. And designed a complementary blue-green-yellow rug at a rug store.

    It does feel good when when you get it done.

    (Just finished my taxes a couple weeks ago though :-/)

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