… and another one down

Where the hell did Dan go?

Incidentally, if my readers from Baton Rouge and Seattle could please identify themselves, I would be a whole lot less nervous and less inclined to follow Dan et al into oblivion.

Sing like no one is listening

Dance like no one is watching

Blog like no one you know is reading…


7 Responses to “… and another one down”

  1. Hi,
    I am your reader from Seattle. I work with foster kids and I have a blog, but I don’t identify where I live on my blog so I’m not linking it here. I’d be happy to share more about myself with you and tell you more about why I read your blog if you email me. I couldn’t find a link to an email address on your site so I’m posting this rather cryptic message on the comment board.

  2. hmmm. Did not notice dan locked himself up. I hope he comes back. I am a dan fan.

    Btw I register from ct. Right now on my iPhone in Colorado. Not sure how that will register.

  3. Hey Brad,

    Long time no comment, but I do stop in from time to time.

    I suspect your Baton Rouge guest may have arrived by Google since you have mentioned the city in your post Katrina posts.

    I’m always facinated by who comes from where, but also get nervous if a feel like my real life might intersect with my online musings. When I thought I was imminently dying I let it all hang out and later regretted how frank I was (and who I sent my blog link to), which is why I ultimately closed it up.

    I hope you don’t go away because I like stopping by to hear about your daughter and daddyhood, but understand if you’re feeling exposed.

    Be strong.

  4. Hey Brad,

    I am back from oblivion! I was having a dry spell but all is well.


  5. Hi Dan, I’m in Seattle too. I am an ‘almost-birthmother’ who changed her mind at the last minute. I don’t have my own blog, just enjoy your writing very much.

  6. Thanks Seattle readers, no need to totally out yourselves, just wanted to know who you were not.

    Thankyou Larisa. Have not heard from you in awhile, hope things are good in Larisaland.

    Welcome back Dan.

  7. Another Seattle reader here. I am a first mother and I read several adoption-related blogs to connect with people who “get” adoption. It’s not all roses and sunshine.

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