I am a rock star

Seriously. My daughter thinks I am a rock star. I came home from work and she saw me and shrieked like a teen at a Simple Plan concert. Best feeling ever. Of course, if she starts throwing her panties at me, that could get a little awkward.

My son has never been quite that thrilled to see me. He still thinks I am a rock star though. His older brother has a guitar, and I always teach them to play something when I am there. Their parents are very unmusical, so I feel like it is one area I can contribute and not step on any toes.

I love it when my daughter shrieks with joy at being in my presence. This is a new thing. Up till now, she has always wanted Mommy, and I have felt just a little rejected and unimportant and… sperm-donor-ish. Maybe this is why some dads feel OK about skipping out. They think they are superfluous. It has taken a year, but finally I feel like I belong.


4 Responses to “I am a rock star”

  1. Ahhh the “daddy moment” πŸ™‚ Its worth it, according to my husband. Pretty soon enough, daddy will always be way cooler and funner, and mom is for owies and clean laundry. Or at least that’s the way it happened at our house.

    And by the way, did you know Nic is blogging again?? πŸ™‚

  2. Awwww…..I remember that time to. Danno was always a Daddy’s Boy, from the moment he first laid eyes on him. I was rather the second-fiddle, still am most days. Then there are these times when it’s a “Mommy Day” – he is just all about Mommy. Love them, drink them up, wish they would never end. They are air. πŸ™‚

    The rest of the time I’m with Jen – owies and clean laundry and food. I’m not permitted to give a hug, kiss or even handshake when he gets off the big kid bus from school now – he’s too cool for that. Gone are the giant running leap-hugs I used to get every day when I came to get him at school. Now it’s just “Hi”. *sigh*


  3. Nope, did not know Nic was blogging again. This is the first time she has disappeared from my radar without me thinking I needed to worry about her, so I have not been sending her harrassing emails for once (although she never responded in the past anyways). πŸ˜‰

    Ah, parenthood. The ultimate unrequited love.

  4. This post is awesome. I am grinning like an idiot right now.

    Soooo glad you got that moment of “belonging.”

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