OMG I have been abandoned!!11!

No seriously, why is everyone closing their blogs down? Yeah I know my grammar is shocking, thank you.

Blogland is just a little less comfortable without Nicole and Jenna around. Come back little tug boat, come back! (And yes, I have been reading Scuffy the Tug Boat. We like that book).


8 Responses to “OMG I have been abandoned!!11!”

  1. thanksgivingmom Says:

    I know…I’m so mourning the loss of these blogs right now!!!

    Especially as SOOO MUCH of what they said SOOOO needed to be heard!!! But I understand sometimes needing to shut it down…you’re not alone in missing them!

  2. I am with you. Miss them too but totally understand.

  3. One doesn’t even need to be on the first parent side of things to miss them and see how totally vital their words and viewpoints are.

    I hope that came across the way I intended it and that I didn’t sound like a total asshole.

  4. Jensboys Says:

    I’ve also personally let them know my protests on facebook 🙂 I miss them both. Nic and I have had a longish discussion and I understand her reasons, and am looking forward to her new pursuits in writing land. Jenna I am worried about :(. Hers seemed sudden.

  5. I’m in touch with them both.
    Jenna is still writing on her non-adoption blog.
    I think everyone just needs to back away every now and then.
    And open adoption – really – truthfully – is a complete head f*ck in many many ways – especially for the first parents.
    I’ve spent 12 months trying to come to terms with my mother not wanting contact.
    Adoption just messes with the brain – and sometimes we all just need time and space to process.
    I too hope they will come back.
    They are important voices – that need to be heard.
    Any hoo – that’s my two cents.
    Poss. xxx

  6. My heart breaks for Nic. I miss her dearly in her blog and in our shared group. I agree with possum, adoption messes with your head and your heart and there are times when you have to step back or let it eat away at you until you can’t function anymore.
    I wish we could chase away all the pain and loss that is such a reality in adoption and just live a life free from the heartache. Ah . . . what a wonderful day that would be!

  7. I think there are really two ways to approach blogging: Introspective or Informational. Blogging introspective I think is harder to maintain over the long term, especially if there is much notice, as you put your inner self out there in a vulnerable way. It’s like writing a diary and having everyone read it, comment on it, deride it, etc.

    The need to do this kind of blogging also waxes and wanes. In some ways, it’s a form of maybe self flagellation or self vindication or both. In other ways it’s seen by the blogger as advocacy and in a way that’s true and in a way not because advocacy really isn’t so much the point for the introspective blogger.

    Then there are the informative bloggers, those who write about a topic that interests them and they have passion for, but not necessarily deep emotional connections to. These are easier to keep going, because they are likely more a source of pleasure than pain for the blogger.

    What I’d love to see and I’m sorry to see got killed was a blog like NYT’s Relative Choices, which I thought was a terrific, well written, all voices discussion of adoption. Not sure why they killed the blog, though guessing from the comments of some of the visitors I’d guess it’s because the bloggers decided that they had much better things to do with their time than be flogged in public for their views (no matter what they were).

    While I’m sorry that these blogs became so difficult that they were removed completely, I can understand that they would want to be this way. I just wish more of the experiences were preserved for others as I think they are needed in the community.



  8. Hey…

    Just wanted to say thank you for the shout out, Brad.

    Regina nailed it, she really did. Paragraphein was mostly about working through my own shit, and the older I get, the less appealing it is to have all my shit in public for anyone to view.

    There’s other stuff too…. just working on finding a new balance… pursuing other things…. less and less able to find the right words.

    But anyway. Still occasionally reading others’ blogs (not as much, again with the whole balance thing), so don’t feel alone… I’m still reading.

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