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Posted in Mumblings on June 13, 2008 by Brad

Fur has been flying in my house. I am a Celtics fan. My wife has supported the Lakers all her life. These are the most fun playoffs ever!

Then we were watching game 4 – and as the Celtics scored to take the lead for the first time in the game, I caught my wife cheering. Yes, fully cheering!

After 10 years, I think she has finally decided she is a local.



Posted in Adoption, Lamentations on June 12, 2008 by Brad

My great-uncle died suddenly in his chair. He was 90. I guess you should expect it when someone is 90, but I did not. Funny how you get used to people dying in hospital or after an illness. How many people do you know who went peacefully in their jeep? I mean, sleep…

I watch Lamia all the time though. Because I am terrified of her never waking up from her sleep. How bizarre is that? I expect an 8 month old baby to die without warning but not a 90 year old man.

I wonder if that is something all parents go through, or if it is exacerbated by the loss of Sprog. My wife and I spent the whole pregnancy worrying that something would happen and she would lose the baby. We never worried like that when she was pregnant with Sprog. It probably did not help that one of the early tests came back with a high risk of having a baby with Downs. The test was supposed to reassure us, and instead did exactly the opposite. I know every parent worries, but I suspect we take it to extremes. We put off buying diapers for the longest time, and even now it is hard to get my head around stocking up when they are on sale, just in case she does not live that long, you know? I am putting these death vibes on my daughter and it is just not cool.

OMG I have been abandoned!!11!

Posted in Mumblings on June 9, 2008 by Brad

No seriously, why is everyone closing their blogs down? Yeah I know my grammar is shocking, thank you.

Blogland is just a little less comfortable without Nicole and Jenna around. Come back little tug boat, come back! (And yes, I have been reading Scuffy the Tug Boat. We like that book).

The ethics of vegan parenting

Posted in Parenting, Veganism on June 1, 2008 by Brad

My wife and I disagree on whether or not to feed Lamia meat.

My wife believes that Lamia should be raised vegan, and can choose for herself when she is older if she wants to eat meat. I believe we should feed her meat so that she knows what she is choosing when she is older, if she wants to become a vegetarian. I refuse to force our dogs to be vegetarian, so I expect no less for my daughter.

Omnivore is the default setting for humans, right?