Fun, my ass

So we started making valiant attempts to feed Lamia pureed fruit and vegetables a few weeks ago. Frustrating. She hates everything. She just kind of sits there with this oh-my-god-what-the-fuck-is-this-shit look on her face, holding the food in her mouth until you let your guard down, and then she flicks it out with her tongue. And no, it is not that tongue reflex thing. She actually does know how to swallow… because she will eat pears just fine. Oh yeah, pears are the bomb. This kid would eat all the pears in the world. Can a human being survive on a diet of pears?

And no, sneaking other stuff into her pears does not work.


4 Responses to “Fun, my ass”

  1. Bananas?

    Bananas were Sunshine’s favorite… when we gave them to her the first time (first solid other than rice cereal we tried) she glared daggers at us and gave me this LOOK like, “You mean food like THIS (bananas) exists in the world, and you’ve been feeding me THAT (rice cereal) crap?”

  2. LOL Brad. Danger Dan (I think that’s a good name for him) HATED pureed food of any kind, never did eat it. He survived on a diet of Cheerios, overcooked french fries, biter biscuits (half eaten, of course, then left to rot under the couch covered in dog hair ewwwwww) and those veggie wheels things. Oh and Yo Baby yogurt.

    By the time he was a year, we were just cutting up our food into teeny bites and feeding it to him. He would only eat what we were eating, and only if it looked like what we were eating (no putting it in the blender, even if he was watching). *sigh*

    They can live for a looooong time on peas. Don’t sweat it. If she’s anything like mine, when she’s 18 months she’ll see how long she can go on three raisins and a Cheerio (a day and a half seemed average). He’s almost 6 now (when the heck did that happen???), strong as an ox and disgustingly healthy.

    Hang in.


  3. Oops freakin 41 YO eyes – they can live on PEARS too. 🙂

  4. It’s a long time since my kids were little, but I feel quite sure little Lamia will be fine.

    What I read back two decades ago (and it worked pretty well) was that if you present kids with a balanced choice of foods, over time they will eat a balanced diet. And remember, right now her main food is still formula or breast milk or whatever you’re doing there.

    My sons weren’t big on the pureed foods either. Baby cereal wiht lots of formula (or breast milk) mixed in might be the best way to start – it won’t taste so strange to her. If she moves on in a few months to soft finger foods like the people above suggest, she’ll do fine. There’s no one right way to get through this.

    Incidentally, my kids with their lassez faire upbringing, diet wise, are healthier and slimmer than either their father or me, who were raised in the “clean your plate” era.

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