Vaccination Part Deux

Thank you to those who have shown their support of Reason (ie, support of Me). Just thought I would add this info which I picked up from the clinic when we had Lamia vaccinated. Quite interesting. This is just one of the vaccines Lamia has had so far.

Diphtheria – contagious bacteria spread by droplets; causes severe throat and breathing difficulties

Effects of disease: About 1 in 15 patients dies. The bacteria release a toxin, which can produce nerve paralysis and heart failure.
Side effects of vaccination: DTaP vaccine: About 1 in 10 has local inflammation or fever. Serious adverse events are very rare. 

OK. So if we vaccinate her, she has a 10% chance of fever and some inflammation. Awww, poor kid. If we do not vaccinate her she has a 0% chance of inflammation or fever, but a ~6.5% chance of death. Well shit, I would hate for her to get inflamed, and the chances of her dying are almost half that of fever and inflammation, so it is way better for her to die…. I mean really, what kind of fucktard thinks this way?
On the upside I guess they are all up for Darwin Awards.

2 Responses to “Vaccination Part Deux”

  1. wasabi Says:

    Um yeah that’s only _if_ she gets diphtheria. If you don’t know what her risk of contracting the disease is then you don’t know what her chance of dying from the disease is. So you can’t compare the 10% chance of fever with an unknown chance of dying. Because it’s not a 6.5% chance of dying if she doesn’t get the vax because the chances of her getting diphtheria are very low and then if she manages to get it she has a 6.5% chance of dying. But thanks for calling anyone who does their research and makes a different choice than you a fucktard.

    I did enjoy the post about why you’re not a ejaculation father and the impact of words. As a birth/first/whatever mother myself I can agree with much of what you said. So much of the terminology seems to be so reductive and so few people grasp the significance of the words they label us with.

  2. @ Wasabi

    Of course, the reason your unvaxed kids are at almost no risk of diptheria is that they have the rest of us making the sacrifice to protect them. So as long as you and your kids are parasiting off the herd immunity provided by those of us who did our research and decided that the safety of everyone was more important than a slight risk of minor side effects, would you please shut it with the condescending language?

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