Vaccination and community responsibility

For the sake of having something to call her in this blog, other than “my daughter”, I shall henceforth refer to my parented child as Lamia, because she possesses my soul.

So, on to public health. This may become a rant, and it may piss some people off. Lamia is vaccinated, and if you do not vaccinate, you probably want to stop reading right here.

Do not say I did not warn you.


Those self-righteous, SELFISH pricks who do not vaccinate their kids irritate me beyond belief. Their logic for not vaccinating? No reason to, because the incidence of disease is so low, and the vaccination might affect their child adversely, so why take the risk? On the surface it sounds reasonable, until you realize THE INCIDENCE OF DISEASE IS LOW BECAUSE THE REST OF US ARE VACCINATING OUR KIDS, YOU IDIOT! These parasites are relying on you and me to put our children at risk in order to keep their children safe. Worse still, the spread of this way of thinking could cause a public health crisis, as the number of people vaccinating dwindles, causing incidence of disease to increase. Your responsibility is to your child, yes, but it is also to the community you live in. What happens in your community affects your child also, so yank your head out of the sand and go do your piece for humanity.


14 Responses to “Vaccination and community responsibility”

  1. Right on.

    Registered R this week for first grade at our public school (aaaaah). I asked the School Nurse whether there were many children who were not vaccinated (in our State, you can still enroll an unvaccinated child in public school if you file a ‘religious objection’). She said a few, none that were incoming like him. I then marched over to the Principal and told the office that I did NOT want my son in a class with an unvaccinated child. Why?

    Well, for one, vaccines aren’t foolproof. No one knows who an immune-resistant person is (except TB – they skin test) until they become exposed, even if vaccinated. Second, there are immune carriers (think Typhoid Mary), people who carry and spread the disease, without becoming ill themselves.

    For those who say vaccines give you autism, I say I’ll take an autistic child over a dead one any day. Like I said in my post above, it has been far too many years since one of these killers has swept our community. I’d like to keep it that way.


  2. We’re also pro-vaccine.

    I thought the theory that vaccines cause autism was being disproved?

  3. i hear you.

    my kids have all the standard vaccines and I depise those that preach about the herd immunity.

    HOWEVER, I do get leary of things like Gardisal. The docs, some, are pushing it like wildfire on women, young girls, etc. Yet others aren’t. It is so odd and makes me ponder if some doctors are getting kickbacks from the drug companies.

    There is SOME truth to drug companies making drugs, inciting mass panic and hysteria and then profitting off of it.

  4. Agreed, totally. And it’s nice to see you writing again.

  5. Hey Brad,

    Take a deep breath, then check out today’s NYT article on non-vaccinaters. Then take another deep breath. I posted my thoughts here:

    Yeah, I’m seeing red. Argh.

  6. You don’t know me from Adam and I’m not sure how I even ended up at your blog, but as the parent of an autistic child (two, actually) I have to say PLEASE VACCINATE YOUR KIDS. The reason people don’t die of these horrible diseases is because the vaccines work. Autism is not caused by vaccines. Now, I do believe that autism has something to do with sickness and viral load and a genetic predisposition. But for the love of all that is holy, I know people who do NOT vaccinate their kids and they are still autistic. So there.
    My point? Not sure. Just that, count me as one on the OTHER side of the fence for the vaccine debate.

  7. Some guy in some foreign land one day said “there is a link between autism and MMR” everyone went into a flurry, it was disproved but the damage was done…and so when a child who is from 12mths to around 18mths has the MMR it sends parents into sheer dread, I know it did me, I felt physically sick especially as boys are affected by autism more (stats say) But autism does show its signs well and truly around 18mths….the no eye contact is the first dead giveaway (i’m led to believe)
    Unfortunately as I said the damage has been done and people are shit scared to vaccinate , and not just the MMR but ALL Vaccines they now have this thought that they ALL Cause Autism, Thimersol is the main thought concept…better known as Mercury…and has been supposedly removed from all vaccines..Certainly in Australia it has
    And then there is the debate from the non vaccinators, that the vaccines are full of horrible nasties like Embryos of Chickens (for culturing the virus) and yes maybe they are but unless you are a complete vegan and dont wear anything leather, dont touch anything associated to animals that DIE For it then shut up about it.
    Disease was RAMPANT in the western world, so many HORRIFIC Diseases, you know the ones that cause blindness, loss of limbs, loss of LIFE, horrific agonizing DEATHS have been eradicated…But people seem to overlook that , but don’t tell them that they are wrong because in their minds they are the BEST PARENT and you are the crazy one.
    Not Vaccinating your child is completely irresponsible to not only your child but to the rest of the community that you share in..
    We all have the cancer gene in us, something, be it lifestyle factors, lifestyle choices, stress or various other triggers , either mutate the gene into the sickness or they dont, it just depends on the gene that you have in your particular cells.
    Its the SAME With Autism, unfortunately it DOES Feel like Russian Roulette but its far better than the alternative…I think these people who don’t vaccinate forget what its like to see a child with Measles or Mumps or Polio that can cause horrific scarring, loss of function or even death…..Even chicken pox and the misery that the child is in….
    They forget what its like , or they are too young to remember what its like and so they think blah why bother vaccinating and putting my child through the trauma of a needle (all of the maximum of 1/2 hr trauma up to a DAY) because its not around anyway

    NO ITS NOT AROUND ! Thanks to people having Vaccinations

    I truly hope that these people have a look on the net , look up the diseases and see what they do to children. Look at a Morgue – that could be your child if they were to die from one of these horrific diseases from not being vaccinated.

    Frankly I’d rather have a child injected with a Chicken’s Embryo than a DEAD child.

  8. PS yes I get wary of the Ones like Gardisal… And that one that came out for babies to *supposedly* protect against Gastroenteritis.

    That made MOST babies VERY very sick. and then in turn affected the whole family.
    That was one I didnt do and I wont be doing the Gardisal on my daughter either, but by the time she is of the age to have it they probably would have A) removed it or B) improved it so I would relook at it but at the moment when many doctors are not for it then No I wouldn’t do it

    But ALL Doctors are for the standard Vaccine Schedule

  9. *scratching head* Sounds to me like you are on the same side of the fence as the rest of us posting here Domestic Goddess. I think I scared the others away… thanks for your input though.

    My father keeps telling me autism is linked to vegetarianism in the parents. I suspect this is because he thinks vegans are less manly or something, and he wants me to start eating small furry creatures.

  10. Take a look at the ingredients in vaccines. Then take a look at the diseases for which we vaccinate. Most of the diseases are relatively harmless. Do you know how many tetanus cases there were, in the year pre-vaccine, in the US? 470. That’s it.
    Most diseases can be prevented with access to clean water and proper nutrition.
    The autism link has not been disproved, nor has it been proved. In addition to autism, hundreds of diseases and disorders have skyrocketed as the vaccine schedule has become more and more crowded. Asthma, allergies, arthritis, shingles, diabetes, ADD/ADHD, and many many more, and SIDS. We’ve traded acute illness for chronic illness.
    Hepatitis B is an STD, and the immunity wears off in 10-20 years. Yet babies are subjected to it because they are a captive audience.
    I should also remind you that, while children do still die of “vaccine-preventable” diseases, children do die from vaccination as well.
    One size doesn’t fit all, and parents should have a choice when it comes to making medical decisions for their children. What other medical decisions is our government going to make for us?

  11. Because when you make the choice not to vaccinate, you are making a choice for the children of everyone in your community, not just your own. If all the unvaccinated families lived on an island somewhere and never ventured out, I would be fine with it. There is an entire medical field devoted to public health and epidemiology.

    I am stoked to hear that my daughter will never catch a cold as long as I give her clean water and nutritious food though. Stoked. 😉

  12. What an arrogant prick you are thinking you have the right to make other parents vaccination choices for them, you dont so get over it.
    If you cant use open and honest science to refute the harm vaccinations do, dont resort to name calling it does not work and turns even more parents away from your argument. Look at at Amada Peet forced to make a humiliating apology as damage control, it will only backfire on you.
    Medical science has never been able to disprove the fact that vaccinations destroy your cellular immune system, its a medical fact.
    My god how did my generation survive being taken to measles parties.

    On the contrary parents that question vaccines are the responsible parents and those sheeple who dont reseach what they put in the kids bodies irresposible and ignorant.

  13. Clearly Dave it’s been too long for you to remember the times when children were struck deaf, blind, crippled or worse, found dead in their beds, without rhyme or reason or sense, because good public health systems have protected us and lulled us into a sense of very false security. I just hope that when the next *preventable* epidemic sweeps our population thanks to parents like yours, that my child is not touched.

    What you’ve missed is that not every child in the generation of ‘Measles Parties’ DID survive that ‘wholesome, sensible practice’ as it was thought of then. Some died, some survived but not unscathed. Not many, true, but more died of this than ever have of Autism Spectrum.

    I’ll say that again. Nobody dies from Autism. Heck, nobody even knows what exactly causes autistic symptoms, though many theories abound, and the diagnostic indicators are so broad now that we’ve got a ‘spectrum’. I find no small sense of irony in the fact that had these diagnostic tools been applied to me as a small child I would have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum, something I most definitely do not suffer from.

    Children can and do die from Measles and complications of measles. These are *preventable* deaths. We know what causes Measles, Polio, Scarlet Fever, Whooping Cough/Pertussis, Diptheria, Teatanus, Smallpox, and other deadly diseases. We know how to definitively diagnose, treat, and prevent. That’s a simple, plain, unadultered fact.

    That we do not avail ourselves of processes learned through the blood of others because we feel to do so would be a ‘sheeple’ is our own arrogance blinding us. Those who do not honor history are condemned to repeat it.

  14. Thanks Regina. I was finding the thought of drafting a response very tiresome. Ten minutes on google and people think they know all there is to know about medical science and epidemiology. I am actually not arrogant enough to believe that, therefore I bow to the wisdom of the medical community who together have hundreds of thousands of years of training in the field.

    Remember, the sheep that allow the dogs to herd them to the pen are far safer when the wolves come a-hunting.

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