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Panic! In the nursery

Posted in Adoption, Operation Shock and Awe on July 16, 2007 by Brad

OK, so far there is no nursery. We have 8 weeks until the due date. Hence the panic. I have to sort through an entire room of junk which for some reason holds sentimental value to me, despite it being things like 2400 baud modems, my favorite t-shirt from when I was 17, and a broken waffle maker. We are still waiting on the crib to arrive, we have no bedding and no newborn underwear, and I am waiting until the last moment to get the car seat fitted because… uh… because…. ah, because I will need to put the back seat down to fit the crib in there when it finally arrives at the store.

In other news, I got a fathers day card this year, hand created and signed by Sprog. I feel a little guilty because of our lack of visitation this year. They talked of coming to see us after the baby is born, but I am not sure how I feel about that. Kind of like this time is just for the three of us. I suspect even my wife is going to have a hard time prying this baby out of my hands this time.