I am sure I should have an opinion

But I really have no idea where I stand on this.

TV Sinks to New Low With Kidney Donor Show

Moral outrage? I do not know… maybe it is good that organ donation is appearing on prime time TV. Dare I say the idea seems to have more substance than the ubiquitous Big Brother? Maybe all (living) organ donors should get the opportunity to decide who benefits from their sacrifice.

There is an adoption parallel to be drawn here, of course. Is the opportunity to choose the parents your child will grow up with a good thing, or is it coercive? What if you do not want to go ahead with donating your kidney at all, but you feel pressured because you have seen the plight of the person whose life it would save? Am I being melodramatic? Hell yeah… adopting a baby never saved anyone’s life, I suspect. Unless the kid dragged them from a burning building some years later or something…


4 Responses to “I am sure I should have an opinion”

  1. love the layout. good to hear from you. totally get your analogy. and the last sentence made me chuckle.

  2. …or donated a kidney.

  3. The tv show was a hoax, there was no kidney and they are all actors.
    I don’t know how I feel about kidney things, two people who have been absolutely horrid to me have kidney problems, I can’t help but wonder if them being horrid is linked to them having health problems?

  4. Jensboys Says:

    Happy Father’s Day Brad … Thinking of you today.


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