Brad, the Stalker

This morning, I needed to buy gas. I pulled in behind a cute blonde in a Honda Civic. She smiled at me, so I smiled back. I was raised to be polite, after all. Done with the pumping, she made a detour for milk, which put me ahead of her in the queue for the cashier. Given my car was parked behind hers, I told her “go ahead of me, I will not be going anywhere until you do”. The look she gave me was somewhere between puzzled-deer-in-the-headlights, and I-am-going-to-call-the-cops. She just stared at me, until I realized she thought I was a stalker or something, and I was about to launch into a longwinded explanation of how my car was behind hers and there was an SUV behind mine… but suddenly the light dawned, and her face relaxed into a slightly vacant smile as she thanked me.

I think next time I will just wait in my car.


4 Responses to “Brad, the Stalker”

  1. plareb Says:

    Once a stalker, always a stalker.

  2. Yeah, suuuuure you just ‘happened’ to be blocked in by her car…. uh-huh.


    Thanks for the smile.


  3. Please, she responded that way because you’re evil. ;-p

  4. Hillarious!!!

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