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Tiny clothes invoke terror in grown man

Posted in Addiction, Adoption, Adoption Related Ramblings, Adoption story, Operation Shock and Awe on April 4, 2007 by Brad

How about that for a headline?

There was a sale… you know women and sales. So now we have clothes for a newborn in our house. This has never happened before. We knew Sprog was not coming home before we got to the purchasing stage. I am having a hard time getting my head around the fact that in a few months I will be responsible for the wellbeing of a small human who will fit into those clothes. I have seen dolls who are too big for them. Who are they trying to kid? No human is ever that size, surely. They are funny looking, these little jumpsuit things. Short little legs and long, long bodies. I have forgotten what a baby looks like. But I have still not forgotten what it feels like to hold mine.

I got my 60 day keytag last week. The tiny clothes are scarier than the prospect of a lifetime of sobriety. The tiny clothes mean a lifetime of parenting. I kind of need to be better at that than I am at sobriety.