Soooo ooooolllllllddddd…

Bachelor parties are not all that, when:

  1. You show up four hours late (due to a prior engagement earlier in the evening)
  2. You are stone cold sober while everyone else is comfortably numb
  3. Everyone except the groom is already married and it is past their bedtime

I was home by 2:00am. Not so many years ago the sun would have been up before I walked in the front door. Just another sign that I am getting old.

Wedding gift lists are always interesting. I think they offer more insight to a person than a blog does. I have a whole new respect for a man who puts a $400 cake stand on the list. I am not buying the cake stand, however.


3 Responses to “Soooo ooooolllllllddddd…”

  1. Larisa Says:

    Hahahaha! For my first wedding, my future in-laws and their friends raised eyebrows at our wedding gift list: dictionary, volleyball net, beer making ingredients … notably absent was an electric can opener* (can’t stand ’em) and a cheese plate. Guess what we got three of each? 😀

    * Interesting note: The sound of an electric can opener has wormed it’s way into the canine DNA. I’ve never owned one, yet the sound of one still got my dogs running to the kitchen.

  2. pistolpete Says:

    Better to be stone cold sober than stoned and drunk on the cold pavement. Keep up your recovery. I’m in my 18th year. It get’s better with age.

  3. Says:

    My first sober New Year’s Eve was interesting……

    I LOVE BEING CLEAN, it’s the best thing that ever happened to me.

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