I broke my keyboard

Yeah, I had a tantrum and I bashed my keyboard so now the spacebar only works if you submit it to some serious force. It was mainly due to frustration. Why is it not OK to hack into someone’s server for the express purpose of fixing bugs they refuse to admit their software contains? Seriously, give me access to the code, I will have it working in 5 minutes. I told you people what the problem was, I can tell just by the behavior. Reinitialize your variables, damn you. No, deleting my .ini files does not help because the problem is SERVER SIDE NOT CLIENT SIDE YOU RETARDS.



4 Responses to “I broke my keyboard”

  1. oh boy, i know this kind of pain all too well.

  2. I’m sorry sir, but the terms of my $12.50 an hour tech support position and the fact my calls are monitored for quality assurance purposes prevent me from agreeing with you that my company releases an inferior product. So if you would please delete the ini file and reboot…

  3. Heh. Funny because it is true Theresa. Or maybe horrifying because it is true. But you still have to laugh.

  4. Ryan Lee Says:

    I just did it or I thought I did. It still works!

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