Bob Geldof on fathers’ rights



5 Responses to “Bob Geldof on fathers’ rights”

  1. michelle Says:

    I liked this video. It is applicable all over the world and at the same time… I wish Karma’s dad would disappear. Very contradictory since I thought I believed men should have equal rights, yet when it comes to my own child, I seem to feel differently. I wonder if that’s because of her dad or because I’m internally biased even though I thought I wasnt…

    Thanks for posting this, it definitely gives me a bit to think about.


  2. okay, crying again. gee, beginning to dread your blog brad (kidding). fabulous video. i agree. made me cry as I thought of my daughters father. it was only years after the loss of her that he told me how he felt.

  3. Christine Says:

    Hope you are doing ok, Brad….

  4. Braaaaaaaaaad, where are you?


  5. Brad, we are missing you. Come back, good or bad, ugly or glorious, just come back and write please.

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