Return of the Goth

Tonight I found myself doing something I have not done since… well, high school, pretty much. Enveloping myself in music.


1. A totally dark room. Pitch black, preferably. (This was easier in high school, when the entire contents of my room were black).

2. A good, loud stereo with carefully positioned speakers.

3. Emotive, immersive music which screams to be played at top volume.

4. Preferably, nobody else home in a 3 block radius.

Position self with ears directly between left and right speaker. Place subwoofer directly ahead. Assume prone position, face down on floor. Adjust volume. Close eyes. Begin treatment.

For the first time in years, I lost myself in a good way. I did not listen to The Cure, The Dreaming or Stabbing Westward. I listened to Bond. Ordinarily I am not too interested in this type of music, but this particular melody is capturing me and pulling me out of a funk at the moment. And really, they are not ugly and well, that legs apart thing is kind of provocative… how could I not be just a little drawn to it?


6 Responses to “Return of the Goth”

  1. Good. =) Happy to see this post.

    And yeah, it sucks that neighbors don’t all appreciate good music, eh?

  2. oooh, niiiiice, i like. reminds me of apocalyptica. thanks for the suggestion. will listen to them more.

  3. It sounds familiar but I have never heard of them,

    As a neighbor,I would prefer it to the 80’s revival crap my neighbor blares while he is building his pool house/ cabana thingy.

    Come on, Eileen? Trust me. Eileen came and went!

  4. Christine Says:

    OOHH!! I do that too…

    Yes. Sometimes it is needed.

  5. Question is, Dan, will he let you use his pool and cabana when it is done? I would put up with Eileen for that.

  6. Didn’t think of that!

    Thanks for showing me the positives.


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