Weird is as weird does

I have been tagged by Nicole to come out and admit to all my weirdnesses. Sadly, I am not at all weird in my opinion, so here are some things I do that other people have told me are weird.

  1. I write equally well with either hand. Unfortunately, I am told my handwriting looks like that of a kindergartener, so I probably should say I write equally badly with either hand.
  2. I like olives and anchovies (although I no longer eat anchovies due to being a vegan). When I shared a house, I would frequently order olive and anchovy pizzas, which ensured I would get the whole thing to myself since nobody else in the house would touch the hairy fish. As a child I would request jars of olives for Christmas.
  3. My list of five women who my wife agrees I am allowed to uh… get jiggy with should the opportunity present itself is: Helena Bonham Carter, Laurie Anderson, Sumi Jo, Sylvie Guillem, and Laura Bush. People tell me these are odd choices, but allow me to explain. Helena Bonham Carter has this waif-like innocence about her that I cannot get enough of. Also, she is gorgeous. Laurie Anderson because I have so much respect for her art and I want to know what makes her tick, ditto for Sumi Jo plus I want to hear that voice in the throes of passion. Sylvie Guillem because have you seen how flexible she is? And Laura Bush someplace really public because I want to get caught.
  4. I get hooked on songs and have to listen to them over and over on repeat until I am all listened out. Then I can go years without listening to that song again.
  5. I once tried to pee while doing a handstand to prove that it is not true that you cannot pee while upside down. I could not pee but I chalk this up to performance anxiety.
  6. I am strangely obsessed with flossing. Sometimes I floss several times a day.
  7. I am strangely obsessed with q-tips. My ears itch and I have to stick a q-tip in there and massage my brain.
  8. I never, ever get rid of books. Even ratty old paperbacks that I got second hand. Except for a few I have lent and never got back.
  9. One time I went swimming while I had a cold and discovered that having a blocked nose allowed me to breathe underwater.
  10. I cannot sleep without something covering me, no matter how hot it is.

3 Responses to “Weird is as weird does”

  1. If only I was obsessed with flossing, I would have ditto-ed all your even picks. I am quite fond of a teetch cleaning … does that count?

    (Another weirdness of mine is noticing patterns in just about everything 😉 )

  2. Me too on 4 and 8. And I giggled at your descriptions which is always good.

  3. me too on 10. isnt that odd? even just a light sheet. wonder what that is?
    very cute.
    who would your wife like to get jiggy with? lol. so glad other couples have these conversations.
    frankly, i am partial to antonia banderas…and oh yeah, angelina jolie (if I was gonna play for both teams). angelina just strikes me as such a dirty girl. i ilke that. lol.

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