Join the Black Parade

My Chemical Romance just gets better and better. Call me a teeny-bopper if you will, I care not a whit, these guys were well worth waiting in a line for a day and a half. I fear I am addicted. Encore!

The high was short-lived, however. Still buzzed, I set about logging into this very blog to taunt the rest of the world with my good fortune in getting tickets to see MCR at the tiny venue they appeared at, when – FZZZT! … followed by the whine of every electrical device in the house powering down. Why does this always happen in the dead of night? After a fruitless search for a flashlight while enduring my wife berating me for never having the 60 year old wiring updated, I decided the screen on my cellphone was bright enough and went to check out the fuse box. Yep, fuses blown. Given my luck finding a flashlight, I figured my chances of finding the replacement fuses in the dark were negligible, so we turned in like good Amish folks.

Next day was spent in a frenzy of activity as I repeatedly blew fuses before reaching the conclusion that the whole shebang was royally fucked. In the midst of it all I was offered a job interview. Talk about stressors… in a way I have our power failure to thank for my continued sobriety because it meant I spent an inordinate amount of time with my sponsor. I mean, candles are romantic and all, but when you have no computer, no TV, no washer or dryer, no refrigerator and, horror of horrors, no coffee machine the grip on sanity becomes somewhat tenuous after several days.

I believe I invented an entire new language composed entirely of cuss words over the course of the many days spent inside crawl spaces (being skinny has its advantages). The triumphant booting of the PC on its shiny new power grid was rendered somewhat less triumphant by the repeated blue-screens-of-death, and despite hours of frantic resuscitation attempts I completely failed to resurrect it. To my chagrin, I was forced to reinstall my system (can we say three cheers for having the OS on a separate partition to the rest of the data) and finally I have returned to the land of the living dead, battered and bruised in body and spirit, but the strength of my conviction has prevailed.

And a hearty fuck you to whoever installed the electrics in my house in the first place. You clueless bastard.

Oh yeah, and I got the job.


4 Responses to “Join the Black Parade”

  1. Yay!!!

    Congratulations on the job!!!

    Very sneaky, putting it way down at the bottom of the post.

  2. yay a job. I need a job, a real job that is. cool…..yeah…money!!!

  3. YEAH!!!!! Way to go!!!!


  4. Nice job 😉

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