The reluctant resume

I have been unemployed for several months after being fired from my last job for repeated failures to show up. With my 90 day keytag looming on the horizon, it is time to spruce up my resume and take the plunge back into the work force. Except… my resume looks highly suspect.

1998 – 2005 Basically the same job at ostensibly the same company, which just happened to get bought out several times making it appear that I in fact worked for three different companies in that time.

2005 – 2006 Less than one year in a very different environment to the previous. Terminated in less than stellar circumstances.

Ack. Makes it look like I could not cut it in that environment, which is absolutely not true. I was really enjoying doing something different and I would love to get back into that field, but… hell, if I was an employer and looking at a resume like mine, I would not even interview the guy. I guess drugs finally have caught up with me and screwed my career.


6 Responses to “The reluctant resume”

  1. I am having the same problem….. well just that I am unemployed right now. I payed off my rent way in advance, but that just made me procrastinate as long as possible…lol

  2. dont doubt yourself. you can do this and more. my brother (also a recovering addict) rose very high in his company/field and then plummetted due to his addiction (stole from the company as well). Rehab, a few crappy jobs, and he is once again back in a good spot.

    best of luck.

  3. I was also at a company for several years that got bought five times while I was there. For each entry on the resume I put in parentheses “Formally XYZ”. It made it clear.

    As for the other? There are many reasons that a particular job isn’t a good fit, not just the environment. If you’re asked about the lapse in employment, simply say that you needed time off to take care of some family issues … which is true … you were working on keeping your wife from becoming a widow.

  4. Oh, and many many congrats on the 90 d chip 🙂

  5. Touche Larisa (on the widow thing). You have a way of making me wince.

    I do not doubt my abilities Suz. Not at all. I know I am a good engineer, what I am lousy at is resume writing.

    Good luck with your situation Marie.

    Thanks for the tips and the well wishes.

  6. Hey B, I’m awesome at resume writing … (and an engineer to boot) … send it my way.

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