Black bandana, sweet Louisiana

Salon has this article about my home state of Louisiana. It tugs at my heart strings. Southern Louisiana really is unlike any other place. There is always a feeling of homecoming, of belonging, when I go back there.

I try to recreate that feeling here where I live by attempting to replicate my mother’s cooking. Except… Mama never cooked tofu gumbo. Mama’s gumbo has shrimp, mudbugs and oysters or chicken and sausage. The first time I went back to Louisiana and announced I was a vegan, my mother looked at me as if I had said I was gay, and there will be none of THAT shit going on in her house! And obviously this diet was not good for me, because I was emaciated and sick looking (no Mama, that is the heroin), so I would eat chicken and have seconds, and that is final. So I compromised and just picked out all the meat. The next night she cooked red beans and rice. Heh.

Anyways, the article I mentioned above speaks of “Enola Prudhomme’s Low-Calorie Cajun Cooking” which makes me chuckle because it is so very at odds with the things I have watched my mother do with butter, cream and the inevitable bacon grease. And then of course there is the beignets. I mean, how unhealthy can one bunch of people be? So actually it is nice to see this book in existence, nice to know that my motherland is moving forward with the times. Now all I need to do is find a Vegan Cajun Cooking book and all will be golden.

Of course Mama will probably never speak to me again.


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