Mama, put my guns in the ground

Interesting how these school shootings seem to happen in little groups. It must be awful to be a parent this week, to send your kids off to school fearing they will not come home again. The only worse thing I can think of is to be a birth parent in a closed adoption, wondering if that was your kid that got shot.

Salon has an article about how to protect schools, and Cecily has a very good post about gun control. Personally, I am not sure what the answer is. Because it really is not just about the guns. Guns do make it quicker and easier for people to kill people. But that really is the root of it all, the fact that people want to kill people. The question is, why do some of them go through with it?

The guy in the Amish school shooting lost his newborn baby girl 9 years ago. This was mentioned as a possible factor. But… many people have lost babies, and they do not go around tying up little girls and popping them in the head, because frankly that is not a fucking logical step for most people’s brains to take. So today I was trying to figure out his train of thought and the best I can come up with is… God took my baby girl, these Amish people live for God, so I am going to take God’s little girls in retaliation. Actually it worries me that I was able to construct a logic train from that. I feel dirty.

Does it really boil down to an entitlement issue?

Obviously the guy was mentally ill. And here is where we run into the crux of the problem. Because people jump on the mentally ill bandwagon – and that leads to stigmatization of mentally ill people, because mentally ill people do crap like that. Except… most of them don’t. Most mentally ill people suffer in silence, many of them are not even diagnosed because hell, who wants to be diagnosed as a crackpot? Even for those who are diagnosed, followups are never done. I was diagnosed with major depression in 2003, he offered me drugs, I declined (because I don’t do drugs mmmkay!) and that was the end of it. That could be your next school shooter right there!

There needs to be more education about mental illness to reduce stigmatization and allow people to be comfortable in seeking help. And for Christ’s sake, make it affordable. The last thing someone on the brink of a breakdown needs is financial stress.

Treat the sickness, not the symptoms.


4 Responses to “Mama, put my guns in the ground”

  1. Nobody can rationalize the irrational. Of course that doesn’t stop people from trying because we all want to know WHY things like this happen. I am very afraid of the possibility that there is no answer to this question because if there is no reasoning to be found there is no solution and as a mother that scares the hell out of me.

  2. The only worse thing I can think of is to be a birth parent in a closed adoption, wondering if that was your kid that got shot.
    OMG. What a statement. So very true.

  3. reunionwritings Says:

    I don’t think finding out your child got shot dead in cold blood while at school can be compared to adoption loss.

    I think closed adoption = living in hell and I lived through it for 18 years.

  4. I do not think anyone was comparing adoption loss to murder of a child, although I can see how what I said may have been misconstrued.

    I know where my son is, I know his name, I know what he looks like, and still my heart leaps into my throat and I go cold and I wonder if he is OK when I hear of horrific events like these. There was a shooting in the city where he lives not that long ago. Once I knew the details, I knew he was not involved and life returned to normal, but until you hear those details… and if you did not know enough about your child for those details to rule out his involvement… just ouch. And that is the same for any parent, except if you know nothing about your kid you can never quite shake off that initial fear because you have no facts to work with.

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