These dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night. I was in a candy store, and I watched them making red candy out of cow hearts. Then I ate the candy. It tasted good, but it was extremely sticky. Watching the girl dissect the cow heart was intensely graphic.

If I can have dope using dreams, I guess I can have meat eating dreams. Or it could just be a warning to check labels more carefully. Animal products hide where you least expect them.

Some of the dreams are so real I think I have slipped. I had one where I could not find a vein and I was frantic. I jabbed the needle in and I was hunting, could see the tip of the needle moving around under my skin. Then in my dream I nicked a nerve, and it woke me up. I could still feel my arm throbbing when I was awake.

And people wonder why I am an insomniac.


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