Got soap?

We ran out of soap this morning. My bad, because I am supposed to do the shopping and for the past few months I was buying a 4-pack of soap every time I went to the store. We had so much soap, we could have made little hampers and opened a Body Shop (outlet store, because the soaps would not be berries and cream flavor or anything). So I figured I better quit buying soap, so lately I have not purchased soap and now we are at the other end of the scale. Ah, balance, where are you?

Anyways, I had to wash with shampoo. I am soft and silky. Rawr.


3 Responses to “Got soap?”

  1. well at least you are soft and silky for a while. ha.

  2. peacefullyseeking Says:

    Did you get your green chip?
    Just wanted to let you know I’m pullin for you in that dept.

  3. Tomorrow. Can you pull for another 18 hours or so?

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