I woke up this morning thinking I had gone back in time by about 60 days. Ack. My head had that pulsating thing happening, where you feel like explosion would actually be a welcome relief. Still does actually. My throat hurts and I can barely swallow. It makes a loud clicking noise in my ears (which also hurt) every time I do. And I firmly believe I owe all of this to the woman behind me in the line at Starbucks the other night.

There I was, patiently waiting to order my soy grande caramel macchiato, and she sneezed on me. When I say “on me”, I really mean it. As in, a big sneezy booger-thing landed on the back of my hand. I KNOW! Anyways, fortunately a napkin at Starbucks is but a footstep away, she apologized and the situation was quickly remedied. I ordered my coffee and went on my merry way.

The more savvy may now be nodding knowingly and saying “ah, he should have washed his hands. Diligently. With antibacterial soap.” And goddammit I think you people are right.

Which leads me to my point – people who are sick should not be allowed to leave the confines of their home. Nor should anyone else who has been in contact with them. There is no cure for the common cold people, surely something which makes you feel this shitty and which has no cure warrants quarantine?


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