Every day

Every day
Is another step away from holding you
Every day
Is another step away from the love I knew

Every day
I think about the things that I’ve done wrong
Every day
I feel you slip away, it’s been so long

When I see your face, your golden smile, your eyes of blue
It takes my breath away and my soul is torn in two

Every day
Is another chance lost to make things right
Every day
The sun seems to shine a little less bright

My inner peace is disturbed by random thoughts of you
Disintegrating heart as my soul is torn in two

Take me now and crush me into dust
It’s all I deserve for betraying your trust
I’m on my knees and I submit
There is nothing here that is worth a shit

When the day dawns that you ask why
The answer is simply “I was high”.

BJG, July 16, 2006


One Response to “Every day”

  1. the otherside Says:

    The only way to accept the lies is to realise they were high. As many times as I thought it was me or something I could fix, was as many times as I’ve been hurt(too many). I was high, is all you can give to someone that has been burned so badly inside they can hardly breathe? And yet, now I know three simple words is all you can give…I’ve been there and that’s all I’ve ever heard and ever will. Breathing is something I’ve learned how to achieve on my own again. The simplicity of three words does not compare to the reality of the situation.

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