The fourth dimension


Where does it go?

Hellooooooo Time, come back to me!

I resent sleeping, because it is a waste of precious Time that could be spent… doing what? I am an unemployed bum. I have vast tracts of pristine Time available for me to squeeze the delicious juice from every moment and sup on the Cup of Life. So… where'd it go?

Let's see… today I washed my hair. And that must have taken about 6 hours. So the rest of the day must be accounted for by the load of laundry that I did (1 bed sheet and 2 bath towels). *scratching head*

Also, according to this site, I am 30% gay.

On the upside, I think I have the twiddly bits for Snow right.


4 Responses to “The fourth dimension”

  1. You keep changing your layout. *gets confused*

  2. Okay, ‘fess up: which questions did you answer in a “gay” way?

    I am 40% gay according to the quiz. Gotta get Matt to take that now.

  3. Yeah, I change my layout everytime I make an update. I am working through all the themes one by one to figure out which one I can live with.

    Hmmm I did not purposely answer any question in a “gay” way. I suspect the fact that I have owned leather pants and have below-neck piercings is the culprit though. I am told men and women get a different set of questions.

  4. yeah, the layout thing is messin with my head too. lol.

    oh, and i am 50% gay. perfect hetero babe so the site said. hee hee.

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