Perfect is a skinned knee

I can usually spin a pretty good story. My brother’s kids loved it when I used to tell them stories featuring themselves and things they had done lately, somewhat embellished.

So, several months ago, I started writing a story for my son. I am still working on the second page.

I don’t know if I am just losing my creativity… I don’t think so (although my vocabulary is shot lately). I think it is because I am writing for him. I am afraid of it not being good enough. Because it needs to be perfect. But I don’t know how to make it perfect, not sure it can ever be perfect. Even Tolkien irritated me at times, and he is one of my all-time favorite writers. He was writing for his kids too. Difference is, he knew his kids. So I am trying to write a story about a kid I don’t know, for a kid I don’t know.

And he would probably rather just play Nintendo anyways. Maybe I should write him a computer game.


4 Responses to “Perfect is a skinned knee”

  1. me again. i added you to my links. i hope thats okay. i really really want to see more dads like yourself sharing their adoption trauma. maybe driving some traffic to you will promote this. if you dont want me to link to you, just let me know.


  2. Sure, NP. I will reciprocate (unless you would rather I did not).


  3. no worries. thanks for thel ink. enjoying reading you.

  4. It doesn’t need to be perfect. And, sorry if this is too obvious a metaphor, but neither do you. Your son has more parents than the average boy. He will deal. His parents are no more perfect than anyone else’s parents. He will deal with that too.

    Write him a story that helps him to know you – isn’t that the point? If it’s odd, quirky, or even downright fucked-up, so much the better. He can say, check out this weird story my [other dad, whatever he calls you] wrote. Yeah, isn’t it cool?

    If it’s sanitized or perfect, it’s less special. Just puke it on out and then edit it to make sure it won’t actually damage him, and give it to him.

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