My teenage Goth is showing

I hardly ever wear eyeliner anymore. Honest!

As I read this blog, I realize what a depressing person I have become. Not to mention obsessive and self-absorbed (but that is what blogging is all about, right? If it can’t be All About Me [tm] here, then what is this space for?)

I appear to have invented a Time Machine. I am 16 again, unsure of my place in the world, questioning my own existence, and rabidly at odds with all authority. (I also have bad skin and tragic hair, but this is somewhat beside the point, given I am no longer trying to entice ladies to my boudoir.)

Maybe if I drive somewhere at 88mph, I will come back to my own time, and realize my dream of becoming an Elvis impersonator.


2 Responses to “My teenage Goth is showing”

  1. Why, Brad, you’ve been saying forever that you were really a 17-yr-old GIRL! So it’s not such a stretch from that to a 16-yr-old guy.

  2. I was hoping for bigger boobs. đŸ˜‰


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