Green tea

I feel a need to write about something innocuous. So, green tea.

A prior work colleague went to China. He returned with a copious quantity of high quality green tea, which he had received as gifts and was unable to leave behind for fear of offending. He then offloaded several boxes of this stuff on me.

This is not the green tea in little baggies. This is loose tea, to which you add hot water, and the leaves become lush and green and sink to the bottom, releasing a pungent aroma. Incredible tea.

Except – never, ever, ever, absentmindedly swig back the last remaining droplets from the cup. The mouthful of bitter shrubbery thus encountered is extremely unpleasant, not to mention a choking hazard. On the other hand, I have always wanted to try performing the Heimlich Maneuver on myself (fellatio being anatomically impossible).


2 Responses to “Green tea”

  1. William Parry Says:

    Mm I have green tea often. I’m not sure if it is caffeinated. I think it is because I tried having some before going to bed and I couldn’t sleep for a while lol.

  2. My Google-fu is mighty! Green tea is indeed caffeinated, although not to quite the extent of black tea.

    I find it amusing that decaf tea still contains caffeine.


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