Logical justification of shittiness

Sociopathic. Such unflattering connotations, that word. Characterized by antisocial behavior.

Antisocial. Hostile to or disruptive of the established social order. You betcha! How exactly is that a bad thing?

Who defines social order? Society. Who is society? People. And given the vast array of belief systems in place, who is to say exactly what the established social order is, and indeed, whether said order is right and proper?

In many African cultures, the women do not cover their breasts. Try that in the midwest and see what happens. Go on, I dare ya. Why are titties taboo in our culture? They perform the same function, no matter what culture they are a part of. Where do we get off saying you have to cover them over?

Note: This did not start out as a rant on boobs. Honestly.


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